Happy Holidays, y’all!

The past few weeks going back to Thanksgiving have proven to be some of the busiest I’ve had in quite some time. Between working with new clients, putting together print and product orders, and wrapping up the general end-of-year stuff personally and professionally, I’ve hardly had the time to write anything, much less a blog post!

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Christmas at Rockefeller

I’ll keep today’s post short & sweet.  Central Park and Rockefeller Center, when decorated, are the epitome of a New York Christmas.  To you and yours, I wish a great Christmas, and for those of you who do not celebrate, I wish a great holiday season.

Merry Christmas Everyone… And Best Wishes for ’11

NYC Christmas

Any tourist worth his or her salt has seen the tree above, towering over the skating rink at Rockefeller Center.  I took this on my first trip to NYC at Christmas.  This year, I celebrate my first Christmas living NYC, and this seems an appropriate photo to mark the occasion.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and best wishes for 2011 as well.

Holidays in NYC — Photo


The second time I visited NYC, I had the pleasure of coming during the holidays, right at Christmas.  The weather, for a North Carolina native, was bitterly cold; it was windy, the sky was gray; the streets were gray from salt.  In short, New York City was everything you would expect a north eastern city to be in winter.  But, as anyone who has ever visited New York City during the holidays knows, it was so much more than describable.  There was truly a magic in the air: the stores were decorated unlike anything I had ever seen before; the people, while in a hurry, were polite; and NYC all dressed up for the holidays is truly indescribable.  There are many festivals and events throughout the year that take place in parts of New York, but all of New York prepares for the holidays.

When I lived in North Carolina, the last two years I won my apartment complex’ balcony decoration contest.

Dismantled TreeWhen I moved back to the east coast last year, I was in an apartment in New Haven and our tree was so large it literally had to be taken out in pieces.*  In fact, the folks from Rockefeller Center called demanding I return their tree.

You won’t be surprised to learn that when it came time to look for an apartment, a fire escape of my very own to decorate was on my list.  I got it that fire escape, and you bet it’s decorated.  Now, every day when I walk around the city, I get excited that the holidays are here.  If you’ve never been to New York during the holidays, make a point to do it, you will not regret it.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to post some of my favorite images from my Christmases in New York.  This one was from my first Christmas in New York, and was taken by Rockefeller Center, just before Christmas.  Rockefeller Center at Christmas is crazy — but something that must be done.  When people see this photo, they’re always drawn to two things:  there are two Santa’s in this picture (I didn’t see that when I was taking the photo) and the bus on the back with “Rome” advertised.  So many people see it and say “oh boy, New York in December, I would definitely want to go to Rome!”  Not me… there’s no place I would rather be.

* For reference, here are two photos of the New Haven tree in the apartment.  That’s me standing next to it, trying to decorate the top.  I’m 5’9″ tall (okay, 5’8.5… but I round up) and I’m standing on a 3′ step ladder.  That was a big tree.

Fully Assembled Tree
Mike putting lights on the tree