Street Artist – Photo

I’m by no means a travel photographer.  When I travel, I’m a photographer, but really just another tourist on the street with a camera.  On many trips, I’ve worried about taking a “pro” camera with me, fearing it would make me stand out.  I’ve since learned that I can carry a 1D Mark IV (not […]


Holidays in NYC — Photo

The second time I visited NYC, I had the pleasure of coming during the holidays, right at Christmas.  The weather, for a North Carolina native, was bitterly cold; it was windy, the sky was gray; the streets were gray from salt.  In short, New York City was everything you would expect a north eastern city […]


That Old Time Religion — Photo

I’m sure the hymn “Old-Time Religion” has been sung in this church a time or two.  This is a little street-side house of worship in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  I took this photo on 4×5 film with a ZeroImage pinhole camera while vacationing in the area a few years ago.  The church clearly has […]


Red Daisy — Photo

I debated a while on whether to post this photo or not.  My feelings for this photo are mixed, as are a lot of the photos I’ve taken.  The trouble is I know how much thought, planning, effort, and technical “try” I put into this shot.  For a studio photographer, these things come second-nature.  For […]


Passed By — Photo

I was going back through my recent photos and noticed that I haven’t posted any black & white photos lately, and it seems like a good time to do so.  Not only is this black & white, but it was shot on real film.  That’s not digital, for the kids out there.  This is a […]


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